IND Pro Colourants

IND Pro series – Industrial colourants

Uniquely compatible with many different coating chemistries.

IND Pro is designed for tinting a wide range of “Heavy-duty” Coatings, that are commonly used for protection and aesthetic improvement of infrastructure (bridges, building structures, etc.), transport, gas-and oil segment and many other applications.

Durability meets sustainability

For any colour challenge in
1k and 2k Polyurethane solvent, 1k and 2k Polyurethane waterborne, 1k and 2k Epoxies, 1k and 2k Epoxy waterborne, Epoxy primers, PU primers, Epoxy ester, Short oil Alkyds, Styrene modified Alkyds, PU modified Alkyds, Nitrocellulose and Acrylics. Let´s test yours.

No Compromises
For optimal opacity of each colour, the pigment concentration of IND Pro colourants is maximized. Typical additions of only 5-10 % (by volume) of colourant to the coating, is already sufficient for achieving good hiding power. This has a positive economic effect and helps retain the original properties of the coating.

Heavy duty
Best in class pigments have been selected to maximize resistance to heat, chemicals and outdoor exposure. For the yellow, orange and reds pigments, IND Pro offers excellent alternatives to the hazardous lead chromate pigments, whilst ensuring good opacity. 

VOC-free, future proof and based on biobased technology.

Industrial tinting innovation

Under constant regulatory pressure, VOC reduction in coatings will remain a hot topic. IND Pro is completely free of VOC and therefore makes a positive contribution to the total VOC of the coating.

Biobased technology
Following our passion for sustainable technology, the highest quality biobased raw materials have been used with strong attention to the compatibility with many different coating chemistries.

Future proof
Starting, choosing or changing a tinting system is work enough, so make sure you pick a system that is compliant now and for the foreseeable future . The combination of biobased technology and VOC free (Product can contain a trace amount of VOC <0.5%), makes IND Pro the right choice for your company.

IND pro Tinting

Colour on demand, faster delivery
Delivery times only get shorter. The companies that can rise to these demands will be the winners.

Unlimited colours in any quantity
Tinting of coatings in smaller volumes can become an automatic process.

Decentralized production
Tinting your products closer to the final customer means reduced cost and transport time. Tinting systems in local warehouses are the ideal tools to provide the optimum service and will differentiate your company from the competition

Royal expertise
Ralston  is part of a Royal Dutch independent family company, with over 100 years of coating experience. One of the pioneers of the tinting system back in 80’s. Still innovating, combining durability with sustainability. No modern sustainable future, without a healthy dose of innovation.

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