UNI Plus Colourants

UNI Plus colourants

These Zero-VOC universal colourants can be used for tinting both water- and solvent based paints. These colourants are used in decorative paints and many  different industrial water based chemistries, like floorcoatings, protective coatings. By utilizing the latest developments in wetting and stabilization additives, these colourants proof to be extremely compatible with an enormous range of many different paint types. The following modules are available:

Standard module:

These 12 colourants are selected on the basis of the widest possible colour range while minimizing the total amount of colourants. In this way there are enough options open for fine-tuning the total selection, even in the smallest machines with 16 canisters.

UniPlus Colorants

UV Plus module:

For an enhanced outdoor durability in the bright yellow, orange and red colour area, these high-quality organic colourants can be added for Exterior paints.

UV Plus module

Façade module:

Inorganic pigments are known for their excellent outdoor durability and the stable performance in alkaline environments. For many Façade- and Silicate paints, only inorganic pigments can be used. Bismuth yellow and Oxide orange colourants increase the inorganic colour range specifically for the brighter yellow and orange area.

Façade A1 module:

To expand the colours even further in the green and blue area with only inorganic pigments, Cobalt blue and Oxide green can be selected.

Transparent module:

For creating transparent colours in wood stains.


Royal expertise

Ralston  is part of a Royal Dutch independent family company, with over 100 years of coating experience. One of the pioneers of the tinting system back in 80’s. Still innovating, combining durability with sustainability. No modern sustainable future, without a healthy dose of innovation.

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