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Maintaining the unique characteristics of the paint is the starting-point of Ralston’s colourants series. Multiple colourant series for decorative architectural- as well as industrial coatings. Both waterborne and solvent.

Cosmetic and technical aspects play a big part in developing a tinting system. Color is the starting point, but it is important to make sure the unique outdoor durability and weatherproof properties and other qualities of the color product are the least affected. Much research and development goes into this. Ralston’s color paste and R&D department closely follow the latest developments in technology. Because only the best is good enough.

All Ralston colorants are in-house developed and manufactured in multiple series for water-borne or solvent containing systems, suitable for both in-plant and Point of Sales tinting systems. In line with our sustainability philosophy the colorants are VOC-low or even VOC-free. The colorants are module-based for maximum application flexibility.

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