Reflection on Greens

Christine Boland

Trend analyst Christine Boland writes a blog for Ralston: Reflection on Greens

Reflection on Greens

Greens, in every spectrum, have for some time now returned to the catwalks, the streets, and in people’s homes. Even on the menu we’re treated to greens in every variety, from wheat grass juice to salads and seaweeds and suchlike. And with so many combinations possible, for example, all hues of one family together or a green palette in contrast with black and white, it looks like we’re not nearly through!  The mood board also and very much includes ‘faux-camailleux’ colours: look-alikes that seem of a family but really belong in a different group; the tension is almost palpable where a bluish green meets a green with a yellow tinge! For good measure, an array of optical surface effects is mixed in, all in the same breath:  granular next to smooth, raw against delicate. A new take is to pair green with metallics, an inspiration that reflects the glimmer of insect eyes, or the wings and shields of bugs and beetles, a trend now also seen in jewellery and accessory making.
Inside, a similar effect can be achieved using home decorating accessories.



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