Mystic Gold

Christine Boland

Trend analyst Christine Boland writes a blog for Ralston: Mystic gold

Shine of precious metals

In a world fraught with friction and adversity, we long to make life a little more beautiful, from time to time. Little things, inside the home, can make such a difference. This is where the rich colours and shine of precious metals come in. 

Mystic gold

Gold in all its facets, from ancient times, to the glamour of today, and other precious metals are staging a comeback in our homes, catwalks, streets, car paints and even in architecture. We just don’t seem to tire of it!

Zooming in on gold as a material, its dazzling variety of shades is fascinating. Finding their matches in the Inspirationl colour spectrum has one searching for warm yellow, mustard and orange, to a greenish yellow teetering on olive green. 

Yellow and gold

A mood-board in which the classic, yellow/gold draws the attention but does not dominate. Keeping to neutral, soothing tones in the periphery, the eye draws to the accents in gold. An even more beautiful effect is created where the gold or equivalent colour is just slightly patinated.


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