The Tulip

Andries de Geest

Colour and trend specialst Van Wijhe Verf / Ralston

Dutch national day of tulip

Today extra attention for the tulip. This flower deserves extra attention, but not only today. The sophisticated simplicity of this flower with its  full expressive colours is one of the main export products of Holland! Wherever in the world you ask someone what they know about Holland is the tulip!

Ralston Inspirational Dutch Tulip colours

Multicoloured bouqet

Every year bulb growers (like paint brands) experiment with fresh new colours to surprise the market. This creates the most beautiful and unusual colour variations. By giving tulips it is useful to know that the colour choosen adds an additional message to the bouquet: Red stands for unconditional love,  – with white you make amends (or forgive) – with pink show your affection, Orange: passion and desire to speak and with a multicolored bouquet show your elegance and respect. Many of the special tulips colours are reflected in the Inspiration range.

Humulis – Rose-H04710
Cretica- Soft rose-P05020
Fosteriana- Yellow-H01510
Linifolia Batalinii-Soft yellow-W24220   
Aucheriana- Lila-P16440 

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Colour Mood
Colour Mood

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