Mystic Woods

Christine Boland

Trend analyst Christine Boland writes a blog for Ralston. “Mystic Woods” is about colour trends inspired by nature.

Colour spectra from nature

In these hectic times where everyone must perform at peak, 24/7, people are drawn to nature. Recharging the battery with a walk in the forest; admiring the beauty of the animals, seeking a quiet place to restore your balance.

The “browns”

Animals are a major source of inspiration. Especially the native species like the owl, the squirrel, the deer and the fox. Colours and furs are translated into patterns and fabrics with beautiful colour spectra. Similarly the tactility of nature is translated into fabrics and interior design work: a reaction to our touch screen era.

Browns are making a come-back in the colour landscape in fashion and interior decorating. From deep, dark browns to fawn, red brown and gold brown shades. Mutually combined if possible. The colour of the reflected sky in the water and the hazy morning light are added as special accents in lilac, pink, and celadon. The contrasts are catching and most appealing.

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