Orange, inviting…

Andries de Geest

Andries knows a lot about colour and he shares a wealth of interesting facts in his blog “colour is more…”.

“We may not be aware, but all through life and every day, every hour, colour affects us. Barely awake in the morning, colour reminds us which toothbrush is ours, and which tap to turn for hot or cold water. Colour plays an important role in every aspect of life, simply because it’s all around us –at home, in the street, in the office, in nature, on the internet. Unknowingly we’re influenced by colour all the time.”

In this “colour is more…” we discuss the colour Orange. A warm colour that energises and makes you feel happy.


Orange is a secondary colour, obtained by mixing the primary colours Red and Yellow, and owes its name to the Spanish Naranja (orange – the fruit).

Orange is perceived as the warmest of all colours, amongst other, because we associate it with the sun. It is that warmth that makes an orange object appear larger or closer and that instils a feel-good, a happy moment. Orange is inviting, stimulating and activating; a colour that strengthens bonds and nourishes a sense of euphoria. The colour is associated with party time, fun, comfort and enjoyment.

Orange and interior

Orange is outgoing and has a dominant presence, making it less suited to spaces where one would spend longer periods of time, for example, a living room, as we would quickly grow tired of it. A tertiary colour, derived from the orange family, probably is the better choice here: Brown, Beige, Crème or Salmon. But, orange is most effective in areas focused on action, creativity and inspiration, such as a meeting room or play area.

Small meeting room.... orange encourages inspiration

Orange and inducement

The complimentary colour (contrasting colour) of Orange is Blue. These colours directly oppose each other in the colour wheel and when used together, reinforce one another. This is the reason why, for example, oranges and mandarins are arranged on a blue background to make the fruit look more attractive. In commerce, the colour blue is used to influence our purchasing behaviour. (colour accounts for 85% in the decision to buy).

Orange and Blue

Orange and sport

When you mention Orange, a lot of folks assume you mean the Dutch national football team, but why is that so? In 1544, William of Nassau inherited the Principality of Orange from his cousin, Renato of Châlon (this is also where the lion originates) and thus became William of Orange.

When it comes to bonding, enjoying a match and a party afterwards, the colour Orange is the perfect ‘tool of trade’. But, I’m not sure if an Orange outfit really is the ideal choice in all situations. The science of Colour Psychology teaches that in a match between equal players, e.g. a Blue and an Orange team, the club in blue the blue outfit has the advantage.

Orange is bonding

Orange is more…

Hopefully this short essay provides some understanding of the properties and possibilities of this versatile and unmistakably popular colour. This blog will surely contribute to a better understanding of colour in general!

Now, don’t presume this colour has no more secrets for you! For example, why is it you almost never see an orange car on the road?

Colour is more…

Andries de Geest  

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