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Christine Boland

Trend analyst Christine Boland writes a blog for Ralston. The Golden Age. A timeless source of inspiration for colour…

Golden Age as colour inspiration

The masters of the Golden Age are an inspiring trend in colour and design boosted by the recent re-opening of the Rijksmuseum (Dutch National Museum). But also in the international world of fashion and design this rich chapter in our national history is a source of inspiration.

Master Rembrandt and colour usage

Still lifes are used in new ways of visual merchandising. In fashion we are seeing silhouettes and details from historical costume. Fabrics are rich in embroidery and the colours in full, burgundy tones.

Rembrandt’s art reflects how we look at colours today: shades of dark against the contrast of a face catching the light. In an interior décor several walls painted in darker tones (e.g. deep red and dark blue) are very effective with velvet drapery in a subtly different shade or tint.

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