Momentum of greens

Christine Boland

Trend analyst Christine Boland writes a blog for Ralston. In this blog the inspiration from nature colours…

Mixing beautiful colours from nature

Greens are well and truly back in the game, although you could say, they never really left. After a big and lengthy spell of ‘eco’ greens; natural and understated, a brighter picture is now cropping up. Think of young leaves, moss, spring fruits, vegetable smoothies, next to a variety of greens from the herb garden: the yellowish green of rosemary, and the bluish green of sage. But it’s in the mixing of all those where things really get interesting! 

Accent colours, thistle pink, lavender blue

Beautiful colour touches in this range are thistle pink, lavender blue, lemon, lime, or burnt amber. This is a trend that is sure to keep fresh for some time to come, both in fashion and interior design.  Meanwhile, the boundaries between outside and inside are fading as we introduce large plant formations and hanging gardens in our homes, while gardens and roof terraces are being turned into a second living area. A vegetable patch in the garden or on the balcony is a sure thing; no meal without healthy, fresh veggies! 

We are expressing a need to renew our ties with nature. It is vital, literally, to be firmly grounded in a world that thunders ahead, and where time slips between our fingers like quicksand. Nature, greens and plants help us rediscover our ‘quiet’ selves; we contemplate amongst them, and recharge our batteries. Veggies keep us healthy in body and mind.

The Ralston spectrum of greens is boundless. So BE INSPIRED!


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