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    Morrocan tea house

    Christine Boland

    Trend analyst Christine Boland writes a blog for Ralston: Morrocan tea house

    Inspiration from Maroc

    For those who see the world with an open eye (and with a Smartphone or camera at hand) inspiration is literally always out there on the street. Anywhere the eye lingers, there’s usually something that’s worth discovering. If it is the way colours blend in, how does it create that magic… 

    Morrocan colours

    On a hike in the mountains of Ourika, near Marrakech, I chanced upon this ‘feast for sore eyes’. A little tea house, perched on the roadside of a steep climb; the subtle glimmer of a copper pot, basking in the sunlight, with just those ‘trendy green’ accents against a hazy backdrop. Brown, blue and chalk-white, as the dominant colours, perhaps laced with sandstone yellow, would make a beautiful mood-board for an interior decor.

    Drapes in velvet or linen in blue lining a brown wall with an ‘au naturel’ and ‘tadelakt-like’ floor. Finding the right shade of Mediterranean blue may be difficult, but googling ‘Moroccan blue’ with pictures will give you some idea.  The next challenge is striking that beautiful mat finish with a lively, patinated surface.


    Morrocan blue

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