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    Sustainable innovation at
    Van Wijhe Verf

    walls painted with our sustainable paints!

    Van Wijhe Verf develops paint products with a concern for people and the planet. Not because we want to paint a pretty ‘green’ picture, but because we care about a sustainable future, [for everyone]. We look beyond our own bottom line with an ongoing focus on achieving more efficient and more environmentally balanced production processes, always assuring equal or better product quality.


    Cargo & shipping

    We’re committed to working with innovative and sustainable suppliers who care about more than financial gain only. Shipping our paints is an example. Houtman Transport are affiliated to Lean and Green. To earn this certification the company has had to achieve a 20% reduction in CO2 emissions over 5 years.

    Bamboo bicycles

    Van Wijhe Verf operates from two locations within cycling distance. This is why we have chosen to use commuting bicycles. It allows us to give the car a rest when we need to quickly hop over to the other Van Wijhe Verf location. A sustainable solution using bicycles made from bamboo.


    Bicycle couriers

    For postal deliveries Ralston has opted to work with Cycloon Fietskoeriers (Bicycle Couriers), a supplier of sustainable logistic service using Racing bikes, ATBs, special Bullit- transport bikes and BoB Yak bike carts. The jovial and competitive atmosphere in the couriers’ team guarantees that logistic issues which seem impossible can be resolved quickly and dependably.

    Business operations

    Heating and cooling from the earth

    Our environment brims with energy. An Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage (ATES) enables the energy stored in the ground to be used for heating and/or cooling a building. Water is pumped from the ground and the building is heated with the aid of a heat exchanger. The process works the same way in summer, but the other way around. Excess heat is returned and stored underground.

    Business operations

    Sustainable lighting

    In the offices and the warehouse sustainable LED lighting is used. Lights are switched on and off via a motion sensor.

    Business operations


    With the aid of applied virtualization technology we’ve been able to solve the problem of over and/or under capacity. The result is a substantial efficiency improvement in heat accumulation and cooling. At the same time energy consumption has decreased as fewer servers are required in the IT department.



    The traditional white wall paint container has been replaced by an anthracite-color [charcoal grey] container of recycled material. Because the container and the printed text are now made of the same material, the empty containers can be fully recycled.


    Life expectancy of paint systems

    To provide an understanding of the effects of weather and the environment on paint, Van Wijhe Verf have developed a unique program for Wijzonol that projects the life cycle of paint systems and proposes a maintenance routine. The program allows users to select and combine the most favorable factors, and in that way keep maintenance to a minimum.

    Production process

    PIG system

    In the paint factory, paint flows through a pipeline from the storage tanks to the filling machine. Using a rubber or foam ball (PIG system) paint remnants inside the pipes can be removed and the pipes cleaned. This result: more paint and less pollution in the pipes.

    Production process

    Waste flow separation

    Over the years, around 20 separate waste flows have been created by carefully considering reuse, recycling and regeneration options. Steel drums are recycled; used paper and cardboard are returned to the paper industry; paint-contaminated cans are cleaned /shredded before being returned to the steel production industry. Only in the last resort, where no alternative destination is available, is the waste incinerated, and the energy this releases captured.

    Production process

    Re-using rinse water

    Every year, a very large amount of rinsing water is released after being used for cleaning the pipelines, cleaning the paint storage containers, and cleaning the filling machines. By flocculating the waste water, the paint particles are separated from the water and the water can be reused for cleaning.

    Sustainable innovation at Van Wijhe Verf