Ralston decarbonises ocean freight with GoodShipping

Ralston decarbonises the ocean freight for all incoming raw materials due it’s partnership with GoodShipping, world-first sustainable cargo initiative that supports a zero-carbon supply chain. Under the partnership, GoodShipping will facilitate a switch to biofuel for all of the incoming cargo shipments of Royal van Wijhe Verf, the Dutch manufacturer of the Ralston Colour & Coating products.

GoodShipping works using the principle of mass balance, facilitating fuel switches to biofuel wherever is most feasible, and in volumes proportionate to the amount of cargo transported by its clients. Through its customers covering the fuel premium, GoodShipping enables the supply of sustainable, advanced biofuels to shipping companies, thereby facilitating faster uptake of this immediate decarbonising solution. This is done in collaboration with GoodFuels, market leader and pioneer in the field of sustainable biofuels.

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Partnership Goodshipping Ralston Colour & Coatings

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