Opt for colour. Opt for Ralston

The Ralston colour experts are pleased to inform and advise you.

A colour to suit every style

Because Ralston understands the importance of colour, its colour experts keep designing new colour recipes that appeal to the latest trend. We manage over a million colour recipes. A colour to suit every style! At your call, we can create a unique colour recipe in less than a day!

Colour is emotion

Colour does more than protect and beautify a building. It has an optical impact on space and objects. For example, to make a long, narrow room look wider. Colour does a lot of things. It impacts on the atmosphere, mood and emotion, and it can even influence (buying) behaviour!

The Ralston colour experts are pleased to inform and assist with personal and appropriate advice. Next to our own recipes for new colours, trends and selections, we offer made-to-measure colour recipes using samples provided by you. A unique service! 

Andries de Geest, Ralston

inspirations for interior

YOUR STYLE – Colour combinations in various styles


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