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    Ralston in Austria

    If you are an independently orientated and business minded wholesaler in Austria, seeking an opportunity to offer the Ralston brand to painters professionally, contact us.

    Ecological product label Baubook

    Ecological product label

    The Ralston Biobased Latex Mat as well as the Aqua lacquers Semi-Mat and Satin and the Ralston All-Primer meet the strict requirements set by the Austrian Baubook. That’s why these lacquers are listed on the online platform for planning support and sustainable ecologic building in Austria. Because Ralston wants to contribute to environmentally friendly construction!

    contact persons for Austria

    Christel Schuurman - Manager Back-Office

    Christel Schuurman

    Manager Back-Office

    T +31 38 4291137

    German, English, French, Spanish, Dutch

    Carsten Halfmann - Area Sales Manager

    Carsten Halfmann

    Area Sales Manager

    T +49 175 7084 121

    German, English


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