On 1 April 2016, paint manufacturer Van Wijhe Verf was privileged to receive the designation ‘Royal’ from Royal Commissioner, Commissaris van de Koning, Ms Ank Bijleveld’.

Since 1 April 2016, Ralston is proud to be part of ‘Koninlijke (Royal) Van Wijhe Verf’.

The designation ‘Royal’ is granted, at the King’s pleasure, to companies that have existed for at least 100 years, employ at least 100 staff, and are in the forefront of their industry in the Netherlands, likely with an international footprint. 

Van Wijhe Verf has received the designation ‘Royal’. The Van Wijhe family business was founded on 1 April 1916 by Messrs D.H. van Wijhe and D. Vermeulen as wholesalers in chemist supplies and paints. After World War II, Jan and Bertus van Wijhe decided to specialise in paint making, introducing, as a first in the Netherlands, an industrial timber opaque stain under the name of Wijzonol. The company built its reputation and business on the back of this product during the post-war reconstruction years. By the 1980s, another ground-breaking innovation was launched: a patented colour mixing system that made it possible to create an infinite colour palette using two base paints only. A break-through that lay the footings for the company’s internationalisation in the decades since. 

Fourth generation

Van Wijhe Verf today is a fourth generation family concern that has grown into a leading producer of high-quality paint products for the domestic and international markets, with the following brands: Wijzonol, Ralston, OER and Marlise. Marlies van Wijhe took over as managing director in the year 2000, and she at once dispelled the dusty image that is often associated with a family business. The Zwolle-based paint producer has weathered the recent downturn in the construction industry by strongly focusing on research and sustainable innovations. A strategy that has resulted, amongst other, in the launch of SolidLux: a patented, industrial strength floor coating that cures instantly in combination with UV light and is entirely solvent free. Another recent development is the LBH SDT Ultra High Gloss Clear Finish, an exterior clear finish that exceeds the durability of comparable outdoor products by an impressive 20%. 

Source: Ralston Colour & Coatings

A division of Royal Van Wijhe Verf since 1916

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