Belize nature conservation project painted with Ralston paint!

Burgers’ new Mangrove hall painted with Ralston! Royal Burgers’ Zoo Arnhem, The Netherlands, opened world´s largest mangrove hall. On earth large pieces of mangrove are disappearing. Burgers´ Zoo wants to create awareness with their new mangrove hall. Ralston Colour & Coatings provided all paints used for the colorful painting in the hall and at the entrance of this special building.Decorative painters

In close collaboration with a number of colleagues, decorative painter Madelief van Wissen painted all colourful decoration in the mangrove hall. Mulder-Hop Schilders took care of all latex work.


Director Alex van Hooff chose Ralston paint because, in his own opinion, Ralston puts the emphasis on sustainability. “This, of course, fully complies with our corporate philosophy in the Belize nature conservation project. The Mangrove hall is based on the Belize mangrove.

Upon entry into Burgers’ Mangrove, the journey begins on a bridge through the mangrove forest. Only few plant species can survive in this extreme salty climate, where tides create different conditions. Visitors are faced with the Caribbean sea cows thanks to a panorama window of 12 meters long and 1.8 meters high. With some luck, these impressive sea mammals pass right past the window.

Decorative painter Madelief van Wissen

“Burgers´ Zoo Mangrove Hall is thus inspired on the nature conservation project of Burgers´ Zoo in Belize. Typical for the houses in Belize are the striking colours. Blue and yellow are colours that usually occur. These details have also been translated into the painting at the entrance of the hall and in the hall itself. In this way, visitors will actually have the feeling that they are really in Belize, when they walk through the Mangrove.” Said Van Hooff.

Belize blue

July the 13th, the Mangrove Hall of Burgers´ Zoo opened to the public.

Colourful butterflies

Inside the mangrove hall you can find all kinds of butterflies like the Doris Passion Flower Butterfly, the Blue Morpho or the Thoaspages. Due to the beautiful bright colours these butterflies match the typical coloured Belize houses. Strategically placed nectar bins allow you to get an eye on these colourful butterflies.

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“Ralston´s high quality products contribute, through recyclable raw materials, to a lower consumption of fossil raw materials.”

Alex van Hooff, Director of Burgers’ Zoo

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