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    Colour on the wall

    Children’s wallpaint art

    Project Murals at primary school ’t Bieske
    Place Gellik-Lanaken
    Country Belgium
    Project year 2017
    Execution Pupils of primary school ’t Bieske
    Ralston dealer Geurts Verfgroothandel

    The name t'Bieske

    The school building is situated on a hill, at the highest point in Gellik. In former times, before any buildings were seen in the area, a tempestuous wind often ruled at this altitude. In popular parlance, this was known as "De bies is oet" (there is a storm coming). The name of the school (’t Bieske) was derived from this saying. (Source:

    Primary school 't Bieske in Gellik-Lanaken, Belgium

    Children making art

    Pupils of primary school 't Bieske in Gellik-Lanaken let their creativity run free in these beautiful murals. The paintwork was made with Ralston Uniplex Extra, sponsored by Ralston dealer Geurts, wholesaler in paints in Lanaken, Belgium.

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