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Biobased wall paint 1950s villa in Kassel, Germany





More people are opting for sustainable paint products

… as did the owner of a 1950s villa in the beautiful suburb of Wilhelmshöhe in Kassel, Germany. The instruction was to renovate the home while retaining the character and charm of the 1950s. Naturally for a building of this quality only the best materials would do.

For the internal painting, a quality Ralston paint was chosen. And because the home would be occupied by a family with children, it was important to use only paints that do not pose a health risk.

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For the villa in Kassel the owner opted for pale grey in the lounge  and bedrooms. A warm sandstone yellow was used for the kitchen and dining room.  A mat finish was used throughout.

Master painter Stefan Rappe about biobased wallpaints

Malermeister (Master painter) Stefan Rappe from Großalmerode didn’t have to think hard before choosing Ralston biobased wallpaints for this project.

“More and more people are asking for environmentally safe paint products. It’s a trend we can’t ignore. We have to respond to our customers’ wishes.”

The Malermeister is enthusiastic about Ralston’s biobased wall paints.

“Thanks to the excellent hiding power, just 2 coats were sufficient. With a villa this size, that’s an important time saving!”

An interactive experience… the excellent hiding powder

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