Ralston Endurance

Exterior lacquers with extraordinary performance

Ralston Endurance offers the Ultimate Power of Protection

Painters always go for the best result! Always deliver the highest quality, under cold, warm, dry and humid conditions. Your professionalism combined with the Ralston Endurance paint system guarantees the best result.

The Ralston Endurance lacquers and primer have been developed for excellent performance under any circumstances. This Endurance system offers the ultimate power of protection and sustainable protection for your property.

Ralston Endurance High Gloss

  • Extremely sustainable
  • Quick initial drying
  • Very high initial gloss & long gloss retention 
  • Excellent processing

Ralston Endurance

  • Excellent exterior sustainability 
  • Long gloss retention
  • Smooth flow 
  • Processable all year round

Ralston Endurance

  • For optimum gloss performance
  • Produces a sleek and smooth surface 
  • High-build
  • Very good (edge) coating

State-of-the-art Dutch Original

Exterior lacquers are put to the test everywhere. Wind, rain, frost, low temperatures, sun, sea, high humidity. Painters and consumers set strict requirements for paint quality. Curious? Want to try it yourself? Get the Ultimate power of protection from your Ralston outlet. 

Netherlands lacquer land
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"In the Netherlands, exterior lacquers must be resistant to all kinds of weather conditions. For years, wood has been protected by professional lacquers. Koninklijke Van Wijhe paint is right up there with Akzo Nobel and PPG at the top of the Dutch paint industry."
Colour accuracy in every detail
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"In the Netherlands, exterior timber can be found in all kinds of colours. As a people, the Dutch take pride in colour retention and colour accuracy. We bring the feeling of colour outside."
Paint scientists since 1916
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"Ever since 1916, Ralston paint scientists have constantly been working on improvement of paint products. Now, our test centre has succeeded in developing an improved exterior lacquer offering sustainable protection for future generations."

High-quality Endurance exterior lacquers and primer

The Endurance line has been developed with a view to excellent performance. The Endurance system consists of a primer and a finishing coat. In the finishing coat, you can choose between a high-gloss result or a nice satin gloss. Both are part of the BIOSeries line with a biobased content between 40% and 60%.

Ralston Endurance advantages

Ralston Endurance exterior lacquers, produces excellent performance fot the ultimate protection.

Uitstekende droging - Ralston Endurance

Excellent drying

The quick initial drying and the following drying phases produce the best result, giving dirt hardly any chance to adhere and retaining elasticity.

Smooth processing

Our paint scientists have succeeded in combining the quick initial drying with a very smooth rheology. That means: always smooth on the brush.

Glans-en kleurbehoud

Very long gloss and colour retention

The Ralston Endurance High Gloss has an extreme convex initial gloss. For long gloss and colour retention, even in darker colours.

Ralston Endurance: Lange glans en kleurbehoud

High exterior sustainability

Thanks to the super durable technology, a highly sustainable performance can be produced, and the Endurance system is always the best choice for sustainable property maintenance.

Biobased grondstoffen - Ralston Endurance

Biobased raw materials

We use sustainable and renewable raw materials, which can grow back within the life of the product. Only with the very best Biobased technology and minimum CO2 footprint has a perfect palette of sublime performance been created.

Sustainable property maintenance

In the next few decades, millions of buildings and houses will have to be made sustainable. A huge challenge. As a paint manufacturer, we work side by side with property owners, maintenance companies and other stakeholders to get the job done. 

The Endurance quality products help make well-considered choices for sustainable paintwork and maintenance. That is how we invest in a green future together. We do so by developing high-quality exterior lacquers with maximum durability and a minimum CO2 footprint. To measure that CO2 footprint, we use the Ecochain Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) method.  

With the Endurance line, we offer years of sustainable protection for the exterior of all your projects.

About Royal Van Wijhe Verf, frontrunner in sustainability

Over 100 years of experience

The Ralston lacquers are all manufactured in Zwolle by Royal Van Wijhe Verf. A family business with a B-Corp certificate and over 100 years of experience in developing and manufacturing paint. Always looking for colourful and sustainable coating innovations. As a typically Dutch paint manufacturer, we promote local sales. Check out the nearest point of sale.

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