Ralston Aqua 2-in-1 Spray Satin

Mild satin gloss primer and topcoat in a single high-quality, water-dilutable paint for air-assisted spray application, based on a specially modified alkyd emulsion.
  • One-pot-system
  • Re-coatable using any paint system
  • Excellent hiding power and surface filling
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As interior primer and top coat on wood and prepared metal and plastic.




All colours available via the Ralston AQ colour mixing system


10 l

Gloss level

Mild satin gloss

Dust-free drying time

Drying time (20 °C / 65 % R.H.): dust-free after approx. 0,75 hr; second coat may be applied after approx. 4 hr.

Drying time

The stated drying times are typical and depend on such factors as temperature, humidity and the colour used. At low temperatures, darker colours have longer drying times than white and light colours.


Alkyd emulsion


air-assisted airless

Layer thickness

60 microns dry film thickness (= approx. 162 microns wet film thickness )

Theoretical coverage

6,3 m2/l

Processing temperature / R.H.

Min. 7 °C - max. 25 °C ambient and substrate temp., relative humidity max. 85 %.

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