Ralston 3-in-1 Satin

Moisture-regulating, satin gloss enamel paint based on alkyd resin.
  • Primer and top coat in one
  • Easy to apply
  • Good moisture regulation
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On front joinery (e.g. as a one-pot-system), for both new and existing woodwork. Can also be applied over the existing traditional paintwork (after cleaning and sanding the surface).




All colours available via the Ralston ALK colour mixing system


1 l, 2.5 l

Gloss level

Satin gloss

Dust-free drying time

Drying time (20 °C / 65 % R.H.): dust-free after approx. 2,5 hr; tack-free approx. 5 hr; recoatable approx. 18 hr.

Drying time

Drying times are average values and provided as an indication only; actual drying time will depend on weather conditions, film thickness and choice of colour. Darker colours, applied in lower temperatures will take longer to dry than whites and lighter colours.


Alkyd resin


brush, roller

Layer thickness

45 microns dry film thickness (= approx. 68 microns wet film thickness )

Theoretical coverage

14,7 m2/l

Processing temperature / R.H.

Min. 5 °C ambient and substrate temp., relative humidity max. 85 %. Substrate temperature min. 3 °C above dew point.

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