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    Next-Gen Biobased

    Next-Gen Biobased

    Sustainable paints are the new norm. Next-Gen Biobased paints are the future. Available today.

    Ralston’s sustainably produced biobased wall paints are a statement. Based on renewable organic material Ralston’s biobased paints offer not only the best result, but also a Big Win for the environment.


    renewable base materials

    VOC free * All whites and base paints are solvent-free. Depending on the chosen colour, base paints and colour pastes, the product may contain a small amount of VOC (several grams per litre at most).

    Biobased paints deserve a sustainable packaging

    The new line comes in an even more sustainable container with a green lid for easy identification. The container is made from PCR (post-consumer recyclate), a used material that would otherwise be incinerated. Another valuable contribution for the circular economy!

    Binder agent technology based on vegetable biomass residuals

    circular, renewable production completes the circle

    The big win for the environment is that we’re extracting value from residual waste flows of 2nd generation biomass. A clear oil is extracted from the residual biomass of olives and sunflower. A blending of the most favourable properties of these oils provides the basis for our innovative paint technology. A technology that has produced a 96% renewable binding agent with no claim on arable land for growing food for man and animal. The second-generation biomass is obtained from organic material grown in Europe.

    The clear oil blend obtained in the process not only provides a renewable resource but also lends the BIOseries its superior colour strength and colour fastness.

    Innovation is in our DNA

    painting a bright future together

    As early as in 2012 Van Wijhe Verf, makers of Ralston, launched the first revolutionary sustainable indoor wall paints using innovative, sustainable biobased technology. Van Wijhe Verf’s pioneering role in shaping the process of sustainable innovation was a success and prepared the world of professional painting for the introduction of biobased paints.

    Innovation is encrypted in our DNA. As it continued developing its sustainable binding agent technology, Van Wijhe Verf embarked on a course that saw the company take the lead in a market that is now ready for the launch of the Next Generation biobased paints, the Ralston BIOseries. A new range of wall paints that’s even more sustainable. Paint products that leave no doubt of opting for biobased paints. No matter how special and innovative this technology may appear now, it is the new norm for us. And hopefully, it will soon be that for you.

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