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Better and more sustainable

Carefree painting with this top primer

For a good start on wood, metal, aluminium, plastic, stone, indoors or outdoors, a high-quality primer or undercoat is indispensable. Do you need a primer for your job that is suitable for different surfaces? Choose the improved Ralston Aqua All-Primer BIO. A primer with a very smooth application, nice flow and excellent adhesion and coverage. Useful to have in the van at all times!

High performing primer with the unique combination of more sustainability and quality

Painting with the Ralston Aqua All-Primer BIO always puts a smile on your face. It is a filling, waterborne primer for interior and exterior use with a high biobasedcontent. With Ralston’s sustainable primer you always make a conscious choice. The primer -based on renewable raw materials- offers the best start for your paintwork, and thus contributes towards great environmental gain.

With more than 3 times as many biobasedraw materials, this is a big step forward in sustainable innovation. Ralston Aqua All-Primer BIO is the proof that top quality and sustainability go hand in hand.

Application of the new water-borne primer is now even easier. Whether you are base coating, priming, or pre-painting, the application must be good. And it is!

The proof that top quality and sustainability go hand in hand

  • A smoother processing
  • An even nicer flow
  • An excellent adhesion and coverage
  • An increased biobased content: 20-40%

A smoother processing

By adjusting the rheology, among other things, the application by brush and roller has improved significantly. After setting up, it is easier and faster to distribute and cut the paint…

An even nicer flow

The better flow in combination with the easy and smooth application results in a nice smooth surface. Ralston Aqua All-Primer BIO is repaintablewith water-based primers, pre-finishes or topcoats (the ideal base for the Ralston Aqua range of finishing coats) and is also suitable as a base for solvent-based primers, pre-finishes or topcoats.

Primer with an increased biobased content (20 – 40%)

The performance of any paint depends largely on the quality of the binding agent used. Ralston has developed an innovative binding agent technology based on vegetable oils that can replace the more traditional binding agents. In contrast to fossil raw materials, vegetable oil is a renewable resource.

For Ralston Aqua All-Primer BIO we use oil that is extracted from the fruits of trees grown on marginal land. These lands are no longer suitable for food production due to drought. This means that no additional farmland is used and there is no disruption to the food chain.

Voor de Ralston Aqua All-Primer maken we gebruik van olie die wordt gewonnen uit vruchten van bomen, die verbouwd zijn op marginale gronden

In short, Ralston's BIO series contains raw materials that:

  • Can grow back within the lifetime of the paint
  • Are extracted from inexhaustible sources
  • Are produced responsibly
  • Are not detrimental to the food chain

Biobased percentage

In order to determine the biobased content of our paints, we measure the proportion of biobased raw materials as a percentage of the total product. We do this with the certified C14 method in accordance with the NEN-EN 16640:2017 standard.

By expressing the biobased content as a percentage of the entire product, you can clearly see the actual proportion of biobased (renewable raw materials) in a product. If you want to compare the biobased percentage of products with each other, make sure that the same measuring method is used for all products. We have clearly set out the CO₂ emissions per product from the wall paints and lacquers we produce.

Aqua BIOseries: the start of a new generation

The developments of the Ralston BIOseries products continue. After the Biobased Wall Paints, this Aqua All-Primer BIO  is the next step to make the range of waterborne paints more sustainable without any concession to the quality. The All-Primer contains an innovative biobased acrylate which places the product in the 40-60% category according to the C14 method, in accordance with the NEN-EN 16640:2017 standard. A result to be proud of and to be developed further.

What colour undercoat, primer, or adhesive primer?

The Ralston Aqua All-Primer BIO is not only greener and better than all other traditional primers but also available in almost any colour. Depending on the final colour, select the adhesive primer to match it.

Ralston Duurzamheidswaaier

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The Ralston paints are all produced in Zwolle by Koninklijke Van Wijhe Verf. A family business with B-Corp certification and more than 100 years of experience in developing and producing paint. Always looking for colourful sustainable coating innovations. As a traditional Dutch paint producer, we stimulate local sales, look for the nearest sales points.

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