Project Approach

A complete, colour accurate and consistent colour tinting system in 5 steps.

What is necessary?

Does every paint type have to be tinted through the new tinting system?
Which packaging sizes are available for each paint type?
How many base paints are available for each paint type? Which colour collections are requested ?
These are all typical questions which should be answered to get the project off the starting blocks.
To build a new tinting system is a very extensive job, that’s why it is wise to clearly map out the starting point.

We encourage business independence and reward it with good margins!

Compatibility check for base paints

Everything depends on good compatibility between the colourants and the base paints. We need 1 liter of each base paint at our colour lab in order to have a good check. Next to the compatibility research, also the correlation with our reference systems will be determined. In case of insufficient compatibility between paint and colour pastes, we provide advises for the best solution how to solve these issues in the base paint formulation. Being a paint manufacturer from origin, all the required expertise is available in optimizing the acceptance of our colourants in any type of paint.

Calculate costs for tinting

The result of the research also includes the colour recipe for a limited number of colours. The final tinting costs per colour in the specific paint can be easily calculated from the prices per liter of each colour paste used. This is a crucial part of our research and gives the opportunity to discuss costs in a practical and realistic manner. The biggest part of the job has to come yet and before we make things final, it is wise to agree on the costs of the system.

How to keep
a colour tinting system stable?

As the colour tinting system’s colour consistency is dependent of multiple variables, it is of great importance to keep these variables under strict control. For example: One of those variables is the colour strength of the base white paints and of crucial importance to keep this within certain specifications batch-to-batch. We can advise how to do this, which test methods to use as well as required accuracy. Our modern laboratories are open to receive our clients for any technical training if needed.

Deployment of the new tinting system

The time has come, filling the machine(s) with colour pastes and uploading the recipe database software in the computer, ready for the first tinted colours in your own paint. Always an exciting moment, but also nice to reproduce the colours, in line with the references, with just one push of a button. And if additional new colour fansdecks or new base paints would need to be added to the system, we will be ready to facilitate everything. It does not end with the deployment, the collaboration and partnership has only just started!


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