The Ralston paint advice app

Ralston introduces the Ralston paint advice app!

Boost your success with offers

You want to offer your non-business customers that extra quality. Good service, a professional result. That’s why Ralston have developed a user friendly app to boost your success with offers, every time.

The Ralston paint advice app, an app that lets you present a professional paint technical advice to customers and prepare clear and transparent quotes with your own business name and logo.

Fast and easy… and much time saved

When preparing offers this is a ‘must-have’ tool for you to use on site.  In five steps you prepare a professional paint-technical advice, ready to print or email to your customer. If desired, add your price and voilà: the offer is complete.

Professional painting advice with your own business name and logo

A unique app, developed thanks to many years’ experience and input from product engineers and painters. 

Following five steps, with a simple question/ answer format and photos made on site of parts to be painted, you obtain a complete work description. All paint products to be used are detailed in your advice. The result: a paint technical advice, endorsed with your business name and logo, ready to print or email to your customer. 

A tool at your service, always and everywhere

With the Ralston paint advice app, all you need is an internet connection to refer to previous advice and offers, anywhere, any time.  

Benefits of the Ralston paint advice app:

  • Present your own, complete, professional paint technical advice
  • Easy and quick tailor-made offers via your Smartphone
  • Personalised advice with own business name and logo
  • Detailed work description per part
  • Create new project
  • Add photos
  • print or email your advice 
  • voilà: best advice with a personal touch

It takes only 5 steps

To deliver a complete professional paint technical advice with the Ralston paint advice app!

Create an account
to present and store your paint technical advice safely with your own logo and business details

Map the project
smart question/ answer format for quick and full view of all parts to be treated

Add photos
taken on site of relevant parts showing the customer what work is required.

Set your price
Based on proposed advice including labour and products and/or your own appraisal

Print or email your advice
to customers for a professional presentation and boost your success with offers!

Ralston paint advice app

Download the Ralston app

More success with your offers

steps to a technical paint advice

-Create an account
-Map the project
-Add photos
-Determine your price
-Print or email the advice

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