Safe in all paint systems

A sustainable colour system for industrial coatings in a VOC-free alternative – without sacrificing hiding power.

Industrial coatings still contain questionable components: high concentrations of solvents are commonly found.. Heavy metal pigments can be part of the colour recipes, especially for the colours red, orange and yellow. Legislation is expected to ban such combinations in the future. Manufacturers are therefore advised to pay attention to sustainability when developing or revising colour systems. Dutch lacquer manufacturer Ralston has now developed a new, sustainable colour system for industrial coatings. IND Pro is free from both heavy metal pigments and VOC and can be used universally in many different industrial coatings.


Article published in mo (Magazin für Oberflächentechnik)
Edition 6-7/2020 page 27

Safe in all paint systems

Non-hazardous raw materials

Universal colour pastes for industrial coatings are generally based on aldehyde technology as a  grinding resin for the pigments. Because these resins solidify at room temperature, a large amount of solvents is required to make them low-viscous enough for use. However, this also increases the total VOC content of the coating. Ralston is constantly researching the production of paints and colourants without volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), using harmless raw materials instead . The highest compatibility with many different coating systems is one of the main selection criteria for these raw materials. In addition, a considerable part of the colourant recipe is biobased, which also contributes to the sustainability of the new IND Pro series.

Minimum risk, maximum coverage

To achieve optimal hiding power, the pigment concentration of the IND Pro pastes is maximized individually. Typical additions of only five to ten volume percent relative to the coating are sufficient to achieve good coverage. This has a positive effect on the economy and helps to maintain the original properties of the coating. High quality pigments were used to resist heat, chemicals and weathering. The lead chromate pigments in the colours yellow, orange and red have been replaced by harmless alternatives with a high covering power. IND Pro has been specially developed for colouring high-quality coatings that serve for protection and aesthetic improvement. The areas of application include bridges and building structures, but also the transport, gas and oil industry. The series is characterized by its high compatibility with various coating chemicals, including 1k and 2k polyurethane, 1k and 2k epoxies, epoxy primers, PUPrimers, epoxy esters, short oil alkyds, styrene-modified alkyds, PU-modified alkyds, nitrocellulose and acrylic. Good results are also achieved with some water-based PUs and epoxies. The IND Pro colour pastes can be used directly in the factory and are also suitable for use in volumetric colour tinting machines.

The IND Pro series is characterized by harmless components and compatibility with a wide range of different types of binders.

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