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    Biobased interior

    Biobased technology

    When you select sustainable wall paints from Ralston, it's a conscious choice. Not only does this paint deliver the best end result for your paintwork; it also contributes by using renewable resources.

    Sustainable yet superior in colour and coverage

    Sustainable innovation is the key to a bright, modern future. We are proud to introduce the Biobased Interior wall and ceiling paints from Ralston. Besides having perfect hiding power, they are easy to apply, VOC-free and based on bio-based technology. Designed for professionals.

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    Three times sustainable

    1. Sustainable raw materials; Innovative technology with renewable resources; Respects the valuable and irreplaceable resources of the earth. Packed in buckets of recycled material

    2. Sustainable quality; Professional quality with superior hiding power; Continuously reproducible colour accuracy; Environment-friendly, odour free

    3. Sustainable lifetime; Excellent hiding power; Sustainable paint is not more expensive; Minimal eco-footprint - lasts for generations

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