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What is required in the long-term storage of a used paint brush?

  • Start with cleaning the in paint covered brush bristles, with turpentine in a big glass jar.
  • If the paint on the brush is largely dissolved, pick up the brush and hold it steady between your hands. Start rolling the brush back and forward. Keep the lower parts of the brush and the brush bristles in the jar.
  • After that, rinse the nearly dry brush, with clean turpentine in another glass jar.
  • After this, dry the brush by rolling it back and forth in your hands, keeping it in the glass mayonnaise jar.
  • Then, wash the clean brush bristles with soft soap and rinse the brush bristles with clean water.
  • Then again, dry the brush by rolling it back and forth in a glass jar by holding the brush steady between your hands.
  • After this, roll the paint brush in paper towel, bind it with a rubber band and tape it, to avoid getting dust in the brush. Then store it in a dust-proof storage.
  • Now the paint brush is clean, dust-proof and ready to be used for a next paintjob.
  • Add the turpentine, used for rinsing the brush, to the turpentine in the mayonnaise jar.
  • Seal the jar filled with turpentine, and let the paint residues settle in the jar.
  • The inflated turpentine in the mayonnaise jar can be used again for a new first cleaning of a paint brush.
  • Let the settled paint residues in the jar dry and dispose it as (gray) waste.

What is required when storing a paint brush that is frequently used?

  • Put the paint brush with its brush bristles, halfway into the water or even better in raw linseed oil.

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