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    Ralston introduces paint technical advice app

    Score an order with professional paint advice

    Present customers with professional advice via your Smartphone

    Ralston introduces a unique app, designed to enable painters to prepare professional paint advice for non-business customers. The app, which was developed by Ralston Colour & Coatings, is linked to an extensive database of parts and surfaces, interior and exterior paints and appropriate paint systems.

    Advice presented with your business name and logo

    With the Ralston paint advice app you can appraise work and prepare paint technical advice on location. A simple question/ answer format identifies the structural parts and sends the details via your Smartphone into the system, along with photos and a work description, to prepare an offer to your customer based on the chosen finish and colour scheme. Once the individual parts have been entered the descriptions are combined in a transparent paint advice including photos. You can include a pricing if desired. Your professional paint advice is endorsed with your company name and logo and ready to print or email to the customer.

    Professional know-how and profiling

    Add photos with your advice

    The app has been designed to allow independent painters and smaller decorating businesses to share Ralston’s professional know-how. It enables the user to present a professional profile and offers a tool for providing transparent, professional advice to non-business customers on any requested paint work. The Ralston Advice app is free and can be downloaded via the APP Store and Google Play.

    Five steps

    to a professional paint technical advice.

    Create an account

    to personalise and store your paint technical advice safely with your own logo and company details.

    Map project

    with a smart question/ answer format for a quick, full view of parts to be treated.

    Add photos

    taken on site of relevant parts showing customer what exactly is required.

    Determine your price

    based on the proposed advice including labour and products and/or your own appraisal.

    Print or email advice to customer

    for a professional presentation and to boost your success with offers!

    A must-have tool with every order


    • Complete, professional paint advice
    • Easy and quick via your Smartphone
    • Map project work
    • Add photos
    • Print or email directly to client
    • Always at hand
    • Best advice with a personal touch

    Boost your success with the Ralston paint advice app. Download the app now!

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