Mysterious & Romantic

Ralston Trend Corner

Nostalgia and romance have returned and we recognise a modern translation here. Withered glass, worn carpets and macramé on the wall, all in deep tones, remind of the atmosphere of a forlorn country estate. Accents in pink and purple add a spark to this interior.

Darker interior styles are hot. This matt grey wall functions very effectively as a sober, mysterious backdrop to numerous reds and pinks. A sense of glamour and romance comes through in the use of velvet, fur and brass.

In a darker interior the use of glass objects creates tension and adds gloss and depth. Here, the bell jar was treated with a course brush and a bright-pink paint. It has lent solidity to the bell jar and assists in allowing the object in the bell jar to shine even more!

Pastel lilac and pale grey green provide the mould for this romantic interior. Old and new meet up, in a titillating palette of colour and form. A 1950s armchair and kelim hocker stand in opposition with a Normann Copenhagen side table. The bell jar and table in trendy Bordeaux red are eye-catchers!

This display cabinet has been rendered in a matt, trendy Bordeaux red. The treatment has produced a remarkable object that allows a fine display of items of special interest. Will suit any interior decor, regardless of style; modern, vintage, or country. The 2 wall colours meeting up is a courageous decision, with the display cabinet smartly in the foreground.

Romance with a modern twist! Pastel wall colours in a soft combination of pale green and lilac, a hexagon table for contrast, a cotton rug, and a time-honoured kelim hocker. The accents in Bordeaux red are spot on!

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