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Ralston Trend Corner

Dark brown and deep, warm red are the backdrop in an intriguing, new-style interior decor. Materials used as in Africa; bamboo, cork, leather and sisal (colours on walls: N36080 and H00760). The bamboo stairs have been treated with a course brush in coral (P06240) and hazelnut (N39060)!

Africa as inspiration for a contemporary, interior decor. The mixing of materials such as cork, wood carving and plastic wire make for an intriguing composition. The home-made cork side table was crafted from pieces of dark cork on a wooden surface.

Neutral, warm grey walls and a dark concrete floor provide the basis for this interior decor. The colour accents in coral and jade green add a trendy look & feel. The stairway and cabinet set it off handsomely with linear contours reflected in the woven fabric of the pillow and the wire basket.

This modern interior decor is a fine blend of taut design and hand-crafted items. The lamp, made of metal wire with a skin of suede, is Pepe Heykoop. The Marsala-tinted chair is Normann Copenhagen.

Africa resonating in the details; hand-crafted ceramics and woodwork, graphic patterns in textiles and wire-work, and of course, a cactus.

Africa meets design. The leather lounge chair is Bodilson; the wood-carved side table and carpet runner are by Zuiver. The insect featuring wall decorations are a new trend.



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