Botanical Greens

Ralston Trend Corner

The treatment of the panelling responds well to the open industrial cupboard. A closed cupboard would break the wall and appear heavy and cumbersome.
A collection of bottles and conservation jars, ceramics, wood and wire art makes a beautiful display against a dual-coloured background. In this setting, pale willow green and brass set the tone!

The panelling, rendered in liver and pale olive green, lends this interior decor its robust basis. Botanic prints and green accessories speak of the owner’s love of nature.

Wooden objects are indispensable in any botanic, natural trend setting: they add warmth and confirm our loving connection with nature. When painting a wall panelling, make sure that the richer, darker colour is applied at the bottom and the lighter shade atop. The other way round would appear quaint and illogical.

The ochre green-yellow, as used here, has magnificent appeal when set against a dark concrete floor with a patchwork rug in neutral colours (with small accents in blue and pink). The contrasting colours are a very deliberate choice! The botanical print has a family member in the vase, making it a very strong combination.

Popular in the 1980s in textiles this shade of ochre-yellow is an innovative colour in the botanical palette. A bright colour that wants a rustic combination, preferably with wood tones. The rounded contours of the furniture provide the scene with a soft, natural feel. The deep blue colour of the chair makes for a handsome contrast.

The umbellifer in the vase has received a coat of paint, to enhance the effect of the flower. This décor styling features a triangle of ochre colours; the wall, the thorns of the cactus, and the mini-pattern in the pillow. For the remainder, a low-profile is maintained in wood and deep-blue glass.

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