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    mixing colours with Ralston

    Efficient and flexible

    Colour, international, regional, from any colour sample cards or a specific personal colour… you receive all such requests.

    Colour tinting system

    Almost any colour, in every paint product, waterborne or solvent containing: the Ralston colour tinting system does it for you. Efficient and flexible, independent of time, place, quantity or colour.

    Each system consists of colour pastes, base paints, colour recipe software and a colour tinting machine. Many colours and still low stocks level. Only 2 base paints for all paint qualities. A white base for lighter shades, a transparent base for the darker ones. Good colour luminosity and hiding power thanks to high-grade, in-house developed and produced colour pastes.

    The colour recipes software includes colours from many international colour fan cards. Colour from specific colour fan cards?  Ask your Ralston contact for options.

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