How long is the shelf life of paint?

Our (wall) paints generally have a maximum period of 12 months for which it may be used (in an undamaged original packaging). This does not mean that the paint would not be suitable to paint. If a paint is kept cool and frost-free, then it would be usable for many years.

By using the solvent based paints, the drying time will be somewhat longer. This is due to a functional decline of dryers (drying stimulating substances) in the paint.

Water based (wall) paints can smell very bad over time. When this is the case, the paint is no longer usable.

The paint must always be stirred well before use. If the paint has not been used for a long time, it must be stirred well in order to be homogeneous. The solid constituents of the paint drop over time to the bottom of the tin or bucket. Do you notice that these constituents at the bottom no longer can be stirred? If this is the case, then the paint is absolutely not suitable for painting.

It is possible that a skin formation takes place in the paint when the packaging is open. Thus, it makes the painting dries as a result of its reaction with the oxygen. You should always close the tin of paint well. So, it is important to avoid damaging the cover or the closure of the paint bucket while using it. Putting the paint can upside down can also provide a solution. The entry of oxygen through the closure of the paint bucket is thereby prevented.

Are the storage conditions of paint met? Then, we guarantee a usage period of 12 months. This means, as indicated, that you should take into account that the quality of paint decreases over time.

Finally, it is advisable to always put on a test piece when you are going to use the ´old´ paint. If the paint is easy to apply, dries satisfactorily and gives the desired result, you can still use the paint.

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