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Getting the colour right. That is what it’s all about. But it’s just as important to ensure that the unique outdoor durability properties of the paint are the least affected. This is the principle underlying the in-house developed and produced Ralston colourants. Multiple colourant series for waterborne and solvent containing paint applications. The colourant series are built-up from modules enabling flexible application.

Colourant series AQ 800 – 900

The AQ 800-900 series contains colourants for tinting waterborne paints: aqua coatings and wall and façade paints. The pastes are VOC low and developed on the basis of our sustainability philosophy. They have a perfect hiding power and a large range in pastels and off-whites. A separate series has been developed for special UV application.

Colourant series AQ 57 – 58 for transparent applications

This colourant is used for waterborne paints that are transparent in character. Various transparent colours can be created. 

Colourant series AQ 40 – 50

The predecessor of the AQ 800 – 900 series for waterborne paint systems. Perfect hiding power and colour accuracy. The AQ 40 – 50 series includes two colourants for a wide choice of colours in the blue-violet range.

Colourant series ALK 20 – 30 and 37, 38 for transparent colours

Colourant series ALK 20 – 30 is a solvent-based colourant series for tinting solvent-based Ralston paints. Transparent colourants ALK 37 and 38 are used in transparent solvent-based paints.

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