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For any colour challenge

You want to be able to supply your product in any colour, any quantity and fast. Perhaps you want to involve your customer closely in choosing a colour. We are good at sound-boarding and can assist with long-standing experience and expertise of tinting systems.

Ralston tinting system

Already since the 1970s, Ralston is one of the pioneers in the development of specific tinting systems for paints and coatings. These tinting machines are used at DIY stores, paint wholesalers and distributors, but also in-plant. More than 3,000 tinting machines running on Ralston colourants are currently maintained worldwide.

A lot of experience and expertise is available for tinting all type of paints and coatings, from decorative to industrial. We produce and supply readymade colourants, custom products and toll production. Ralston’s team of tinting experts will take on any (colour) challenge. Besides our in-house production of colourants, we completely guide the customer from machine selection to recipe database creation, specifically tuned and optimized for any type of paint. 

The principle of tinting

One push of the button to create any colour, in any quantity. That is the principle of an automated colour tinting system. But it only works if all the variables that can influence a colour can be strictly controlled within given tolerances. Of course the colour pastes play an important part, the colour and tinting strength setting must be under strict control, to ensure the colour consistency of the final end product. No colour variations. Consistency from batch to batch, year after year, the exact, accurate colour setting. That’s what Ralston guarantees.

Besides the colour tolerances of the colourants, also the dispensing accuracy of the dispensing machine and the batch-to-batch colour setting control of the base coatings are key variables that need to be strictly controlled. We have the expertise and experience to guide our customers in every aspect of the system.

Considering a tinting system? We are pleased to assist with our many years of experience to support you in selling more paint!

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