Copper Story

Christine Boland
Als Trendanalystin schreibt Christine Boland einen Blog für Ralston: Copper Story

Colour combinations with copper

An important colour key at the moment is found in copper and blue tones. It’s found in fashion, accessories, interior decorating, and in art, and it was one of the colour combinations with a strong presence at the 2014 Milan Design Week. This fascinating trend has drawn much inspiration from the ‘True Colours’ series by Lex Pott.

True colours of Lex Pott and Stacking Vessels of Pia Wustenberg

Lex is a Dutch designer who experiments with various oxidation processes on panels of copper, brass, aluminium and steel which produces dramatic colour imagery. Copper oxide reflects in many shades of blue, the patchiness of which helps to beautifully meld together all the different hues. In an interior setting it is most effective to work with large surfaces, enhanced with copper accents.

In Germany, design artists Pia Wüstenburg had a similar inspiration when she created her ‘Stacking Vessels’: a series of vases made in 3 individual parts. They can be stacked on top of one another to create a beautiful object, rich in colour. Coloured glass, wood and copper are her materials of choice.

The authentic glow of copper sets the mood. It can be obtained by working with metallic copper paint, or by adding copper interior objects, for example, the lamps by Tom Dixon, a large copper serving tray, vases, and so on.


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