Ground & Grass

Ralston Trend Corner

The rectangular outlines of the couch, the rug and the blocks of clay and wood form the basis for this interior setting. Introducing rounded shapes such as vases and lamp shades adds a beautiful tension and balance. Spot on! On the wall, a combination of pale grey and withered greens: P11760 and P11830.

Mix of ‘au-naturel’ materials, with a creative 1970s feel. Sisal and rope have come back to strengthen this new, trendy decor.

Linen, sisal, paper, wood and ceramics in a natural interior decor. The lamp shade with marble foot is from Zuiver; the paper pulp vase is from Serax. The tie-dye effect on the pillow matches well with the trend of natural colours.

Grass and clay in natural tones and materials are used here in a dynamic mix of round and square forms. Hard and soft connect seamlessly, with the wall in ochre (P10530) backing the natural elements featured in this interior setting.

Colour inspiration for your interior design: the organic colours of clay, blending with an interior décor rich in contrast. Select your own colours to create a setting with a natural look & feel.

Beautiful blocks of dry clay in a variety of colours, arranged as a still life against a natural ochre wall (P10530). The wooden side table fits well with this natural look & feel setting.

Hand-painted blocks are decorative, handy & affordable. Use them as accessories, a stack of books, or just to sit on.  Easy to paint with a roller in any colour.  On these blocks we used P11760 and G21170.

Ceramics in myriad shape and form. Handmade, with a course, smooth, glossy, matt, or taut & trim finish. The linen drapes in tie-dye effect and concrete chair solidify the artisan style.

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